2018 Spring Webinar – Microaggression in the Workplace

We are certain that you are aware of the current sociopolitical issues related to sexism, racism, anti-immigration, and other forms of oppression (e.g., oppressive messages on body image, ethnic phenotypic features) both in Taiwan and the U.S. (as well as in the globe). The TPN Professional Development webinar will focus on “Microaggression in the Workplace” this year to give voice and recognition to the often-silenced experiences among Taiwanese students and professionals like you and me.

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Dear TPN members:
As some of you may have known, there was another big earthquake in Tainan.
I am deeply saddened by the loss that our fellow Taiwanese families have
encountered. I pray for the smooth recusing efforts that can result in more
survivors being found in a timely manner. In line with the TPN‘s mission to support psychologists in Taiwan and USA at times of a traumatic event, I am attaching an article published by the American Psychological Association Help Center and translated by our members, Drs. Paul Wang and Mei-Chuan Wang. I hope this document can be helpful for Taiwanese mental health
professionals to provide public education on the common responses to
traumatic stress, PTSD, and better ways to cope with the traumatic stress.
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Message from Dr. Hung regarding APA 2015

Dear TPN members and friends,

Happy Sunday! I hope that you are enjoying a relax summer and making packing your way to Toronto Canada for APA coneference? ^^
The purpose of the email is to share with you our latest, hot TPN newsletter edited by our public relationship team, Dr. Ying-Fen Wang & Dr. Tzu-An Hu & assistant Miss Wan-Chi Lin. They worked very hard to recruit guest writers to contribute to this issue. Indeed it’s a collaborative work!!! Please give them a big applause for their work!

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TPN 2015 Call for Nominations

Dear TPNers,

It is my pleasure as the Past-Chair to announce that TPN is now recruiting new officers for Year 2015-2016.  Served as a TPN officer not only allows you to be more connected with members in this professional community but also gives you an opportunity to actualize your vision and help grow TPN as an organization.  It is a meaningful trajectory that encompasses both personal journey and professional development.
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2014 TPN Events

Dear TPN members and friends of TPN,
We are going to have a wonderful gathering during the 2014 American Psychological Convention, and I am looking forward to meeting you all in this wonderful opportunity of networking and learning with one another. It will be a feeling of “New Year” reunion gathering that we can catch up with old friends and colleagues/mentors and meet new people. So, everyone is welcome! (I mean everyone including all people.)
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Dear TPN member and friends of TPN:

Upon many TPN team members’ effort, we offer a reference article for the recent event on MRT tragedy.  Feel free to read and hope it would help you and your friend(s) in need when encounting the similar situation(s).

Dr. Scott Liu
TPN Chair (2013-14)



在隨機殺人案發生後, 社會大眾常會對為什麼會發生這樣的慘劇感到難以理解, 也想找出原因. 只是往往可能找不到令人感到滿意的答案.
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