2014 TPN Events

Dear TPN members and friends of TPN,
We are going to have a wonderful gathering during the 2014 American Psychological Convention, and I am looking forward to meeting you all in this wonderful opportunity of networking and learning with one another. It will be a feeling of “New Year” reunion gathering that we can catch up with old friends and colleagues/mentors and meet new people. So, everyone is welcome! (I mean everyone including all people.)

Please see  2014 TPN event flyer
Date: August 7, 2014 (Thursday afternoon)
Location: Renaissance Hotel, Div. 17 VP Suite
999 Ninth Street NW Washington, DC 20001
(A: Convention Center, B: Renaissance Hotel, 5 minutes walking)
Please ask the front desk or see the sign for the room
number & location.
Time and Content:
2:00 – 2:50 Introduction, networking, and TPN reports/updates
3:00 – 3:50 Panel Discussion I: Job search and work-related issues in Taiwan
Presenters: Drs. 陳秉華 (Ping-Hwa Chen) & 喬虹 (Hung Chiao)
Facilitator: Dr. 喬虹 (Hung Chiao)
4:00 – 4:50 Panel Presentation II: Counseling/clinical training and professional issues
Presenters: Drs. 李俊逸(Jeanine Li), 蔡振宗(Chun-Chung Choi), & 劉懷中(Scott Liu)
Facilitator: 鄭伊婷(Angel Cheng), Doctoral Candidate
6:00pm – Social Dinner (starting on time, please arrive early)  TPN Social Dinner
Restaurant: 中國城海鮮大酒樓 (TONY CHENG’S RESTAURANT)
619 H Street, NW • Washington, DC 20007 • Tel. 202-371-8669
($25/adult; $17/child aged 12 or under; aged 3 or under free,
tax & tip included, but not drinks, please bring cash/check)
There will be 1 soup, 2-3 seafood dishes (e.g., 椒鹽蝦 salt and pepper shrimp; 豆豉蒸鮭魚Tempeh steamed salmon, etc.), and 2-3 meat dishes (e.g., 燒鴨 BBQ duck, etc.), and some surprisingly good food with a Chinese dessert. (Subject to change upon availability!)
*It will be the “round table” Chinese dining style (10 guests/table).
*Each table collect your own money and one person can pay for it. Please bring your own cash or check! *If you prefer vegetarian or other dietary styles, please let us know you are coming, and you can order/pay for your own dishes.

Please RSVP at either TPN Facebook invitation regarding the social dinner or email scott-liu@uiowa.edu to let me know your head counts by July 27, 2014 (Sun), so we can plan ahead (please only choose one method of RSVP).
非常期待這次的相聚, 希望能夠見到大家! Looking forward to seeing you all!
劉懷中Scott Liu, Ph.D., Chair of TPN 2013-2014


Dear TPN member and friends of TPN:

Upon many TPN team members’ effort, we offer a reference article for the recent event on MRT tragedy.  Feel free to read and hope it would help you and your friend(s) in need when encounting the similar situation(s).

Dr. Scott Liu
TPN Chair (2013-14)



在隨機殺人案發生後, 社會大眾常會對為什麼會發生這樣的慘劇感到難以理解, 也想找出原因. 只是往往可能找不到令人感到滿意的答案.



  •     向人傾訴:向關心且願意傾聽你的人尋求支持。接收到支持和關心會讓人感覺到安心。透過分享你的經驗,可以幫助你覺得自己與別人沒什麼不同或是不感到孤單。
  •     尋找平衡點:當悲劇發生時,容易變得不知所措,而產生負向或悲觀的觀點。藉由讓自己回想有意義、令人欣慰和激勵人的人和事件來找回平衡的觀點。若能以更平衡的觀點看待事情,能幫助你感到有更多的自主權及內在的力量,並充許自己對所處的世界有一個更健康的觀點。
  •     關掉訊息,休息一下:你或許想持續地關注相關的事件,但請試著減少接收從網路、電視、報紙或雜誌上的訊息量。過度接收和災難事件相關的資訊可能會增加你的壓力。這些影像能夠非常強而有力地喚起悲傷的感覺。此外,安排一些活動,可以讓你不要再去思考這件事情,並注意一些讓你開心或可以幫助你心靈提昇的事。
  •     允許自己去感受也許是負面的情緒:在創傷事件後出現一系列的情緒是很普遍的事。就如同當我們生理上受到傷害時,也同時會在心理上感到壓力。舉例來說,你可能會覺得精疲力盡、痛心或是感到失去生活的重心。
  •     照顧自己:投入健康的行為,增強自己因應過度壓力的能力。在自己的生活中讓自己飲食均衡、充分休息,做一些身體的活動。避免使用酒精或藥物,因為這些東西會壓抑自己的感受,沒辦法幫助自己管理及減輕壓力。除此之外,酒精和藥物會增加情緒或生理上的痛苦。建立或是重新建立日常慣例,像是定時吃飯和運動。若你有睡眠的困擾,可以試一些放鬆的技巧,像是深呼吸、禪修或瑜珈。
  •     幫助他人或是做些有建設性的事:看看在自己的社區有哪些可以利用的資源,讓自己去幫助那些你認為有被這次事件影響或其他有需要的人。幫助他人常常可以讓自己覺得好過一些。
  •     若你在這次或其他悲劇事件中失去朋友或家人:請記得哀傷是個長期的歷程。給自己時間來感受自己的情緒及復原。對某些人來說,他的表現可能是待在家裡;有些人則是回到日常例行的事項。處理這類事件引起的震驚和創傷是需要時間的。情緒的高跌起伏是典型的反應,當中還包括了倖存者的罪惡感(對覺得自己在這個事件中存活,但別人卻遇難,而有些不好的感受)。



Managing your distress in the aftermath of a shooting


TPN statement on Taipei MRT tragedy 5/21/2014

Dear TPN members and friends of TPN,

The Taiwan Psychology Network (TPN) extends our deepest condolences to the victims, the victims’ family and friends, as well as all those who have been affected by the mass stabbing that took place in the Taipei MRT on May 21, 2014. This tragic event has generated tremendous shock and sadness throughout Taiwan and beyond. When such tragedy occurs, it is common to experience a complex array of reactions– reactions that are perhaps as complex and multi-layered as the causes and motives behind the violence itself. TPN is fully committed to providing support and resources to help individuals, families, and communities deal with the losses and challenges they may be experiencing in the aftermath of such an event.

對於發生在2014年5月21日台北捷運兇殺事件,台灣心理學網絡 (Taiwan Psychology Network, TPN) 向受害者、受害者的家屬和朋友、以及那些受到事件影響的人致上最深切的慰問。這場悲劇所造成的巨大衝擊與悲傷不只遍及台灣各地,甚至延伸到台灣以外的地區。當這樣的悲劇發生時,人們通常會經歷到一連串反應,或許和暴力事件發生的原因與動機一樣,相當複雜且涉及許多不同的層面。TPN將會盡全力提供支持與資源,以幫助個人、家庭以及社群面對他們在此事件之後所遭遇的失去及挑戰。


Scott Liu, Ph.D. TPN Chair (2013-2014)


APPIC Internship Assistance: Call for professional members

TPN professional members please consider helping a student member in the internship application process. You will be paired up with a student member who is applying for APPIC internship this year or is interested in learning more about the process. Your assistance can include but not limited to:

·  Review internship essays

·  Review C.V.

·  Review site lists

·  Feedback on the application

·  Preparation for interviews

Please send reply to alicecwj@gmail.com if you are interested in being paired up with a student. Please complete the following short survey:




Past Internship setting:

Area of focus:

Clinical setting you are familiar with:

Thank you for your assistance,
Alice Cheng
TPN Professional Development Officer

APPIC Internship Assistance: Call for student members

APPIC Internship Assistance: Call for student members

TPN student members applying for internship this year or interested to learn more about the process please submit your request to be paired up with a TPN professional member who can assist you through this process. Support provided can include but not limited to:

·   Review internship essays

·   Review site lists

·   Feedback on the application

·   Preparation for interviews

Please send your request to alicecwj@gmail.com and complete the following short survey:



Year in the program:

Degree sought for:
Applying to internship this year:

Area of focus for internship:

Internship setting of interests:

Assistance needed from mentor:
Thank you,
Alice Cheng
TPN Professional Development Officer

Recruiting Mentors and Mentees!

Hi all,

We are approaching a new academic year and are looking forward to another fruitful year for the one-on-one TPN mentoring program. If you are interested in having a TPN mentor this year OR you would like to be a TPN mentor, please complete the TPN mentor application/TPN Mentee application and send to me at JaTsai [at] gmail [dot] com

The goal of the one-on-one TPN mentoring program is to facilitate personal and professional development along with creating a sense of community within the TPN community. Last year, 16 mentees were matched with mentors and we hope to continue the growth of this mentoring.


Jack Tsai
TPN Professional Development Officer